Director's & Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message


Dr. Piyush Sunda

A man of just 34 years with a sac of
professional degrees, is the main driving force behind the screen. A person with multi-talent and never ending energy, dedicated his life to health care and education, honoured with "Rashtrapati Puraskar" by the hands of Late Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (Former President of India) & also with "Award of Excellence in Health."

The leading force behind Prince Group of Polytechnic Colleges is exemplary in the field of modern education, believing in the spread of knowledge at all levels of learning.

Life is not a bed of roses. We have to deal with the thorns that come our way. The one who succeeds in doing this is the real winner. A winner is one who works hard, perseveres, but who, above all, is optimistic "Every thought is a seed, if you plant crab apples, do not count on harvesting golden delicacies" Says Bill Mayer and how true that is. When we are optimistic, we become more creative, productive, energetic and attract success. Failure makes us aware of our shortcomings and weaknesses thereby helping us not to repeat them again. Hence they form the path for our success.

Main purpose of our Institution is to enlighten Indian students with the best of education and preparing them to face the world in a civilized manner. The motivation factor behind the institution is to see that the students of India excel not just academically, but also to be responsible members of Society.

Director's Message


Jogendra Sunda

A Person only of 37 years, addicted
to touch the Zenith of life with strong Principles, disciplined, laborious with simple life-style. A man with a mission to impart world-class determination in the entire region and thereby prepare good citizens with strong moral values for the country.

Prince Group of Polytechnic Colleges has been successfully meeting its aim of preparing students academically, physically and mentally for venturing in different facts of career & Life. It helps in grooming the youth of country and instilling in them value of discipline, patriotism and nation building.

Education dispels the darkness of illiteracy and plays an important role in developing overall human personality. I am proud to say that our prestigious institution has a glorious tradition of being committed to the cultivation of mind, body and spirit that helps the students to become balanced, competent and curious. Ever since the inception it has produced very talented students who have commendable achievements to their credit in various fields of human endeavors.

I earnestly assure you that college will progress with the continuing support, co-operation and co-ordination of the diligent staff, parents & the students will excel in whatever endeavor they undertake.