Mechanical Engineering is the basic branch of engineering which deals with design and production of tools, machines and all other equipments to be used in various industries. Mechanical engineers are involved in creating the future for industrial growth. They not only design and create new products, but also develop materials for them and ways of making them. They are the driving force behind many of our technologies and industrial processes including innovative products in our modern world. The work of a mechanical engineer can be extremely challenging, requiring design and analytical skills together with an ability to work as a team. While designing and making any product they have to take into account all the business and marketing aspects to make sure that the product is affordable and aesthetic. Mechanical engineers are also responsible for maintenance and repair of machines and equipments. Mechanical engineering graduates find application in all fields of technology. They could work in many industries of various types – including private or public sector. With the rapid rate of expansion in industrial sector, the employment potential for mechanical engineers is very high. Additional opportunities for mechanical engineers will arise because a degree in mechanical engineering often can be applied in other engineering specializations. The department has a dedicated team of faculty members. The strength of the department is the highly qualified faculty which guides the students during their projects in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The Department has always strived for excellence and receives grants to modernize its projects . The department conducts active research and had several breakthroughs. It also provides services to local industries. Every year,students undergo in-plant training and industry sponsored projects. The students, with their innovative ideas, present technical papers at National level Symposiums and are successful in whatever fields they selected. It is due to the dedicated efforts of the faculty and students that they have been well placed in national and multi-national organizations inindia and abroad on handsome salary.


  1. Well equipped computer lab with internet facility and relevant software.
  2. Well maintained departmental library with over 100 volumes of books.
  3. Design software available in CAD/CAM lab.
  4. Well equipped and spacious workshops and laboratories.
  5. Competent and dedicated staff(technical and non-technical).
  6. Healthy work environment.
  7. Better student-teacher interaction.
  8. Equipped with most modern LCD projectors, OHP, and Audio-Visual aids.